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How to play croquet

Croquet is an unbelievably simple game to play and you will be amazed by how quickly you can pick it up. From there it is up to you how seriously you take it.


The game comes in two basic forms: Association Croquet and Golf Croquet. Both of these can be played in either a singles or a doubles format.


As a club we focus on Golf Croquet as it is more inclusive and very easy to pick up. However, as your skills develop games can involve a great deal of strategy and become very competitive.


The object of Golf Croquet is to try and score points by hitting a ball through a series of hoops. Each team takes a turn to strike their ball and may decide to try and score a point or deter their opponent from doing so. The first team to score four points wins.


Our competitions usually take the form of a simple league system, whereby each team plays a minimum of two games, with the top team(s) in each group going through to a knock-out stage.